4 Easy Steps for Parents

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Did you know that apprenticeships can be the equivalent of going to university?  Higher apprenticeships are a university-level qualification and more and more jobs are opening up to them.

How to apply

There are 4 steps to applying for an apprenticeship.

  1. Download the ‘Parent’s Guide to Apprenticeships’ on the National Apprenticeships Site
  2. Search for an apprenticeship
  3. Sign in or create an account
  4. Complete and submit your application

Important Information

For parents to continue to receive benefits (e.g. Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit) after their son or daughter has turned 16, the young person needs to stay in full-time education (at a school sixth form, college or on another approved training course). At the present, you cannot claim Child Benefit for a son/daughter who starts an apprenticeship, although they will be earning their own wage, and any Tax Credits you receive will be affected by the loss of Child Benefit. For more information, visit www.gov.uk/child-benefit-16-19


A parent’s guide to Apprenticeships