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We understand that distilling and advising on the amount of information available on apprenticeships can be a complex process. Apprenticeship Hub West is here to make things simple by providing you with everything you need in one place.

Everyone living in England, over the age of 16, can apply for an apprenticeship. They are not just for the young.

Over 8000 people each year in the West of England take part in apprenticeship training and it is likely that the next generation of engineers, fashion designers, production managers, website content creators and even lawyers will come from apprenticeships rather than university.


Employers are seeing the benefits of an apprenticeship over a degree. They are structured to provide relevant training, experience and qualifications and can open up opportunities to high-level roles in a wide range of businesses. Some apprenticeships lead to university-level qualifications.

Apprentices will learn the skills they need in the workplace with further training from a training provider, either at the workplace, off-site (at a college) or online.

Real jobs

Apprenticeships are real jobs. There are over 250 apprenticeships available linked to nearly 2000 job roles. Apprentices work at least 30 hours a week, with an apprenticeship taking between one and five years to complete, depending upon the level of apprenticeship and industry sector.

Apprentices must be paid at least the national minimum apprenticeship wage, with many employers paying significantly more.

Apprenticeships are fully-funded between the government and the employer, meaning that an apprentice’s only expenses will be getting to and from work or training. And with full employment benefits, apprentices earn a salary while they learn.

Local Education and Training Providers

Extra resources for parents

Parent’s Guide to Apprenticeships – a useful guide to an apprenticeship’s main benefits.

Search for an apprenticeship – a search engine detailing all apprenticeships in England

Note – For parents to continue to receive benefits (e.g. Child Benefit and Child Tax Credit) after their son or daughter has turned 16, the young person needs to stay in full-time education (at a school sixth form, college or on another approved training course). At the present, you cannot claim Child Benefit for a son/daughter who starts an apprenticeship, although they will be earning their own wage, and any Tax Credits you receive will be affected by the loss of Child Benefit. For more information, visit

Extra resources for teachers and advisers

Amazing Apprenticeships – Apprenticeships explained

West of England Skills Prospectus – How you can develop the skills employers need.

Apprenticeships: teachers’ handbook and study material – Resources for teachers and careers advisers

An introduction to apprenticeships for years 7 to 11 – What to expect if you become an apprentice.

Find an apprenticeship – Search engine to find apprenticeships

Inspiring Futures – Education and employers working together to inspire children.

Skills Funding Agency – Brochures, factsheets and guides to download and print.

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