Apprenticeship Funding Rules for 2018/19

All versions of the funding rules  for employers and training providers have been up-dated to reflect changes introduced 1st April 2019 e.g. levy transfer allowance 25%; co-investment rate 5%:  Apprenticeship funding will support an increase in the quality and quantity of apprenticeships so that more individuals have the chance to pursue a successful career … Continue reading Apprenticeship Funding Rules for 2018/19

Apprenticeship training providers

The register lists the organisations that are approved to deliver apprenticeship training to employers using the apprenticeship service. To be eligible to deliver apprenticeship training for apprenticeships, organisations must be listed on the register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP). Organisations that are listed on the RoATP have been through an application process with the SFA … Continue reading Apprenticeship training providers