Ross Humphries – Sales Support Assistant

Ross Humphries aged 20 from Gloucester commenced his apprenticeship in Business Administration in May at SGS College.

The Sales Support Assistant is currently undertaking a level 2 qualification at Zapkam, a manufacturing company of bespoke sports kits located in Stroud.

Ross wanted to do something which combined his love of sport with the business world and this seemed the perfect way to do it. He commented: “I wanted to get a job in something that I enjoy doing outside of work which is sport and I feel that my role with Zapkam allows me to do this.”

Spending one day a week at college and four days at work Ross is enjoying acquiring new skills. He said: “On the course I enjoy learning about the business side of the job as I feel that it gives me more knowledge about how a business is run and what can make it successful. I enjoy going to College as it helps me improve at work and I am gaining more skills there that I can use with in my role at work.”

Ross is enjoying his time at Zapkam and feels comfortable in his surroundings. He added “At work I like the fact that I can ask for help if I am stuck and I feel comfortable around the people I work with.  I also like the fact that if a mistake has been made then it is explained why it is wrong and how to fix the mistake.

Once Ross finishes his apprenticeship he hopes to gain more responsibility with in the work place and have a career with in the organisation.

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