Latest improvements to the apprenticeship service

The ESFA is continually making improvements to the apprenticeship service to help employers make the most of their apprenticeship levy. Are you using the levy to its full potential for training your workforce?
Recent updates on the service include:
•   employers being able to view an apprentice’s unique learner number (ULN), which will help when trying to resolve any queries
•   a new task list feature on the account home page so that activities an employer needs to complete will be visible including prompts to sign agreements, review and approve apprentice changes and cohorts
•   employers being able to see the stop date for any apprentices they have stopped
•   an improved process for amending apprentice records
•   employers being able to see end-point assessment organisations for an apprenticeship standard when they’re looking on ‘find apprenticeship training’, making it easier to contact them about the service they offer and the costs involve

For any further information see the Business Update – Issue 30 (February 2018) on GOV.UK,