Apprenticeship training providers

The register lists the organisations that are approved to deliver apprenticeship training to employers using the apprenticeship service.

To be eligible to deliver apprenticeship training for apprenticeships, organisations must be listed on the register of apprenticeship training providers (RoATP).

Organisations that are listed on the RoATP have been through an application process with the SFA that considers due diligence, capability, quality and financial health to assess their capability to deliver high-quality apprenticeship training.

Provider Type

The 3 provider types are:

  • main provider – organisations that can be selected by levy paying employers to deliver apprenticeship training, or selected by another main provider to work as a subcontractor
  • employer provider – levy paying employers who are permitted to provide training to their own staff or to apprentices in their connected companies. They cannot deliver training to other unconnected organisations
  • supporting provider – organisations that only deliver as a subcontractor for contract values between £100,000 and £500,000 per year in total

For any further information see the register of apprenticeship training providers information on GOV.UK, the register can also be found here.