5 Easy Steps

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Five steps to employing an apprentice

1. Write your job description – Decide on what you want your apprentice to do and check the apprenticeships framework to find a framework at a suitable level to meet your requirements.

2. Plan your finances – Make sure you can pay them the national minimum wage and see if there is any grant funding available.

3. Prepare for your apprentice – Most business choose to deliver training through a local training provider. Your chosen provider will work with you to develop a tailored training programme to ensure you and your apprentice get what you need. Training has a cost and it’s worthwhile meeting several providers before committing. You can find out more regarding training providers here.

4. Start recruiting – Find your apprentice by advertising the role. Social media or online recruitment websites are popular. Your training provider can also help with this as can the National Apprenticeship Service. Telephone 08000 150 600

5. Select your apprentice – make an apprenticeship agreement with them.

For more information visit The Small Business Guide to Apprenticeships.