Institute for Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships can change lives. We know 90 per cent of apprentices go on to a job or further education. Apprenticeships offer a ladder of opportunity for people of all ages; they boost businesses and make a profound difference to the economic stability and productivity of this country.

That’s why, continuing the ambitious agenda of skills reform, the Government has decided to establish a new independent, public body to make sure apprenticeships are of the highest quality they can be. Supporting the plan to create three million apprenticeships by 2020, the Institute for Apprenticeships will start operating in April 2017 – its ultimate goal to give employers a stronger role in the leadership of the apprenticeship system, ensuring employees get the skills they need to succeed and the best apprenticeship possible.

So – why an Institute for Apprenticeships? For too long this country has under invested in skills and subsequently we’ve lost the support, and the confidence, of employers and apprentices along the way.

This time, it’s different. This time, we have the funding in place, a broad agenda of skills reform offering the opportunity to achieve comprehensive and coherent change, and a plan to embed employers within the decision-making structure of the Institute.

The Institute will develop and maintain apprenticeship standards and assessment plans as well as reviewing and approving them. It will maintain a public database of apprenticeship standards and give advice on government funding as well as having a role in quality assurance. And the Government’s ambitious plans include expanding the Institute’s remit to encompass Technical Education in England from 2018 – as set out in the Post-16 Skills plan.

At this point we are looking at the broader picture, and involving the people who understand what will constitute success and longevity in this field – you.

Please read the Draft Operational Plan and submit your thoughts via this online survey on how the Institute for Apprenticeships proposes to carry out its functions to improve the apprenticeship system.